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Powershot is steadily increasing it's reputation as a leading brand of pressure washers in New Zealand.

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Built To Tackle Grueling Tasks With Ease

Powershot is steadily increasing it's reputation as a leading brand of pressure washers in New Zealand. Powershot brings you the best of American manufacturing specifically designed for the painting and cleaning trades, with the singular purpose of removing your dirt, filth, grime and scaling paint from nearly any substrate. And they are designed to handle this grueling task all day, every day.

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Offering Powerful Pressure Washers & Specialized Cleaning Solutions

Powershot ranges from powerful, heavy duty pressure washers to specialist drain cleaning machines and hot water pressure washers. Powershot is the ideal choice for you giving you direct drive simplicity and quality in one package. More pressure and more water flow result in even greater cleaning performance and faster job completion. If you agree that "Time is Money" then a Powershot machine is the right one for you.

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24 months warranty

Backup & Support

Empowering our Customers

A key component of Powershot's philosophy is to provide exceptional customer back up service and support, for all products offered.
This service includes a 24 month warranty, extensive spare parts stock holding, comprehensive spare parts lists and service manuals, a dedicated FREE phone support line, where you can talk to experienced and helpful technicians, and on-line support. Powershot has a strong focus to provide premium quality equipment to all customers. Stringent processes and quality control regulations ensure all product meets or exceeds requirements of external and internal standards. This focus and policy has been a substantial contributor to Powershot's continued growth and market acceptance.


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For help to find the best water blaster for you contact our friendly customer service team on 0800 387 678.

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